Private Bilingual School in Bogota

Colegio San Mateo is a private bilingual, calendar B, international school located at the north of Bogota, with over 40 years of experience demonstrating the highest standards in premium education. We develop social entrepreneurship through positive community transformation, maximizing the potential of our school members. 

Colegio San Mateo is the only premier learning institution in Bogota to be part of the Inspired Education Group, a multi-national organisation comprising over 80 premium schools spanning 22 countries. With more than 70 thousand students, who enjoy academic, cultural and sport activities, as well as international exchanges, summer camps and investigation groups. Each member school ensures pupils are well-equipped to thrive in a progressive global environment.

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Grimm’s Kindergarten​

For more than 40 years, Grimm's Kindergarten, Bogota, has supported preschool children aged 1-3 years in their artistic, physical, and spiritual development by providing a rich, well-planned course of study. Dedicated teachers sow seeds of strong principles and values, allowing young class members to develop critical skills within the ELS curriculum. They enjoy a stimulating and vibrant environment from their very first day at school.

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We develop skills through social entrepreneurship

Our students and their families are characterized by being entrepreneurs with great social and environmental responsibility, and our projects are recognized for the positive impact they generate. We intend to be the best school for the country and for the world.


We live our spirituality through the promotion of our values

Inspired by the values of our Faith, the members of our community are characterized by being people who set an example and lead initiatives around the promotion of values, which is why we are inclusive with other faiths.


Only members of the Inspired Education Group in Colombia

We are part of the most outstanding and influential network of schools in the world, offering our students the possibility of studying partially or for a longer time in any of the schools of the organization worldwide, sharing the best educational practices.


We create educational experiences that promote excellence

We understand excellence in academic, artistic and sports terms. In addition, we have a world-class international program in which we stand out for our results, always being among the first places in national or international academic rankings.

Words from our Head of School:

I am incredibly proud to belong to Colegio San Mateo and Grimm's because I know that the new generations have the talent to positively transform society; and I am convinced that this begins with education. Furthermore, we are the only school in Colombia that is part of the International Inspired Group, which guarantees that our students will live international educational experiences that will change their lives. In this way, we aspire for them to achieve community transformation, foster their entrepreneurship spirit and values, and maximize their full potential.

— Telmo Peña Amaya, Head of School

We are an Inspired School

Inspired is a global group of more than 80 premium schools worldwide, with more than 70,000 students. The educational philosophy of the international school's group is based on three fundamental pillars of holistic learning: academic excellence, participation in sports, and creative and performing arts pursuits.

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