ELS - Early Learning School



Our classrooms were designed by architects who are experts in early childhood education, and are equipped with ergonomic chairs and modular trapezoidal tables to encourage teamwork and allow for dynamic and fun learning.

Motor Development Gym


It allows children to enhance their motor skills and sensory development under the direction of expert professionals who carry out directed programs.



This space is intended to foster creativity in our students, develop their artistic skills through painting, and experiment with different materials and textures.



It is a pleasant space that has all the necessary health standards for our children to enjoy delicious and nutritious food while socializing with their friends.

Primary and High School



Our classrooms were designed by "Room to Learn" architects to ensure that classroom spaces are optimal for engaging, active, and dynamic learning. They have ergonomic chairs and modular trapezoidal tables to encourage teamwork.

Performing Arts Classrooms


We have special classrooms for theater, dance, music and art that were conceived as spaces for our students to express their emotions and abilities through art, creativity and imagination.

CAT - High Technology Center


We have an Applied Technology Center that offers our students the opportunity to learn robotics, programming, 3D printing, and other cutting-edge technologies. Our CAT is equipped with all the necessary elements to create an ideal space to learn using technology.



Our newly remodeled science, biology, physics, and chemistry labs allow our students to learn in an innovative environment where they can experiment with state-of-the-art equipment and materials.



This space is designed so that our students can show their artistic skills in front of their classmates and parents, here some community events are also held, such as our traditional Parent Schools. It has capacity for 400 people.

Restaurant and Snack Shop


Our children learn to eat in a varied and balanced way. We promote good table manners. Lunchtime is a nice time to share with your classmates and teachers. Our lunch has all the necessary foods to ensure a healthy diet.

Green Zones and Playgrounds


We have large green areas, sports spaces and several playgrounds to meet the needs of children for outdoor activities regardless of age.



Our chapel is one of the most beautiful spaces in our School. Here we celebrate first communions, confirmations, and celebrate Mass through songs and prayer.