Admissions Process for EYP, PYP and IGCSE

Thank you for choosing CSM as your child's premium international school.

For all staff members, the most crucial objective is to provide excellence in education to each of our students. This journey begins with a smooth admissions process.

To ensure each step of your application is pleasant, we offer a personalised admissions experience for every family that visits us. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are dedicated to accompanying prospective CSM families every step of the way.

For the first step in the admissions process, please fill out the Enquiry Form. We will then contact you to schedule a visit to the school campus.

Phone: 57 317 3913279

Admissions Process​

The school offers a bespoke application and registration process to all prospective students and their families. Request further information via the Enquiry Form.

Please follow each of the steps below when making a student application.

Step 1: Visit the School

Book a visit to the school campus via the Enquiry Form.


Step 2: Fill out the Admission Form

Begin the registration process by purchasing the Admission Form. Upon receipt of payment, a copy will be sent to you digitally and is to be completed and returned to the School Admissions Service. The cost of the form is $150


Step 3: Include required documents in Application

When sending your application, please include: 

  • 1 family photo  
  • Transcript of grades and promotion certificates for the last two years. These should be approved/apostilled if gained overseas 
  • The latest report from current/previous Kindergarten  
  • Copy of Birth Certificate  
  • Labour Certificate and parental income statement

Please send the above documents to:


Step 4: Interviews, Evaluations and Play Day

  • For Early Learning School: We will conduct psychology and Head of Area interviews with the parents. A Play Day will also be arranged for the applicant.
  • For Primary and Middle and High School: Parents must contact the Admissions Department to secure a date for the applicant interview and required evaluations.


Step 5: Review of Application

The admissions committee will meet to review your application. You will receive a decision by email within five days.


Step 6: Enrolment

The Enrolment Process begins. You will be informed about how to proceed with enrolment once you receive a decision regarding your application.


To contact the school to discuss any requirements listed above, please complete the Enquiry Form.

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