Innovative Pedagogical Model

CSM’s educational approach is based on active pedagogies, whereby experience and understanding complement each other while fostering creativity, critical thinking, and knowledge about the learning process itself. Sports practice, artistic appreciation, and communication skills in Spanish, English and French are encouraged. Similarly, ethical and moral conduct and proficiency in modern technologies are incorporated into school life as central components of an excellent educational model.

At San Mateo, we believe in developing solid competencies. They encompass in-depth knowledge, attitudes, skills, and values that constitute a lasting life plan. The benefits of competency-based education are experienced in the long term and create autonomous people capable of active learning for the rest of their lives.


Bilingualism in Primary and Secondary School

Colegio San Mateo has always been a bilingual school of the highest quality, focused on our goal of training global citizens. Colombia is multinational by nature and is the perfect learning environment for students to practice their blossoming conversational skills. Due to classes and everyday interactions in English, students of all nationalities live a genuinely immersive experience. During the Educational Project, we prepare high school language exam entrants for tests required by the most recognised universities in the world. TOEFL is one such exam in which all CSM students achieve outstanding results. To further promote bilingualism in learners, all enrolled pupils receive French language lessons when they reach Year 4.


Technology-Based Learning

Increasingly, students' academic and personal development is enhanced with innovative technology. A high-quality on-campus Technology Centre helps students be protagonists in their learning experience while working in progressive facilities. With tools such as programming and robotics to develop their creativity, there are multiple opportunities for learners to put their knowledge of modern technology into practice.


Learning Center

In order to support all our children and help them overcome any emotional or learning difficulties, at San Mateo we have a group of expert professionals in the areas of language, logical reasoning, emotional well-being, school health (nutrition, primary care nursing and dental program), as well as in occupational therapy. In this way we ensure that each one receives timely and effective support, always hand in hand with our families.

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