ASA and Extracurricular Activities

Art, sport, and technology are essential components of a well-rounded, modern education. To help develop these skills and further promote confidence in these areas, the school offers a comprehensive After School Activities Programme (ASA) led by qualified teachers. Activities are carried out on the school premises, and transportation home is available for attendees.

After-school Activities (ASA) are divided into two categories:


1. After-school Activities for Competitions

These activities are designed for pupils to immerse themselves in a competitive practice or physical activity of their choice while participating and representing the school in tournaments throughout the academic year. In the process of participating in local and international competitions, students discover teamwork, sportsmanship/sportswoman ship, and a deeper appreciation for their interests.


2. School-based After-school Activities

In this ASA group, we offer more than 20 different disciplines, where students can develop artistic, creative, sports, knowledge, and technology skills. The rota for in-school ASA is updated frequently. Activities include football, chess, life-drawing, debating and hip-hop dancing.

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