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One in three Inspired students continues their formal education at either a world-renowned Russell Group University or an Ivy League school. By undertaking the globally-recognised IGCSE Cambridge Assessment, Senior Inspired students will gain an internationally-recognised qualification upon graduation, which will enable them to explore a host of high-quality educational institutions to continue their studies. Throughout their education, high-school pupils are supported by in-school college and career counsellors, who possess a specialised understanding of local and international college application systems and qualification requirements. Significantly, they form a thorough account of the career interests of individual students by building genuine rapport.

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Inspired is proud to partner with renowned U.S. college admissions counsellors to provide an exclusive application advice service. In the U.S. and the U.K., Arete Education and The Classroom Door also offer preferential rates to all Inspired students wishing to use additional tutoring services.

Acceso a universidades

Colegio San Mateo has a university counseling program that allows our students from 10th grade to define their life projects with the guidance of our counselors. In this grade, our students take career aptitude tests, which allow them to start focusing on a possible college career. Throughout 11th and 12th grade, multiple spaces are available during school hours for students to explore these possibilities. ​

Our students also choose different classes every semester with an emphasis on topics related to their aptitudes, and as an added benefit, we have agreements with the best universities in Colombia, which provides us with preferential admission, as well as access to different types of scholarships.


ARETE Educational Consulting

It offers a complete service of educational advice and tutoring. Its objective is to help students of all ages fulfil their dreams, from assisting students to increase their SAT scores by up to 300 points to gaining admission to Ivy League and Russell Group institutions.

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The Classroom Door

TCD is staffed by a whopping 1,500 top-tier tutors and advisers from leading universities, including Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, and Oxford. These tutors and advisors offer expert advice to help students in the application process and have an impressive record of university admissions.

For further information about The Classroom Door, visit:

The Classroom Door Website

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