World recognised accreditations and Certifications


The Colombian Association of Private Schools supports its members through efforts to achieve common goals to maintain the standards of educational quality within Colombia, in the capital city, and beyond.


Certification as a Cambridge Assessment institution guarantees a robust international curriculum, instructed, and assessed in line with the requirements of the University of Cambridge for Mathematics, Science, English, and other core and optional subjects. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) programme is successful in aiding Year 10 and 11 pupils in their study of a wide range of subjects in line with European standards.

As an international school, the University of Cambridge Education accredited Spanish, English, and French provision are invaluable to in-depth subject knowledge. Accredited assessments are taken throughout Senior Secondary School to monitor progress effectively and facilitate students' preferential entrance to national and foreign universities. Graduating students receive globally-recognised qualifications that will prepare them for their future success at an international level.


Highlighting the efficacy of our educational approach, CSM is one of the ten best schools in Colombia for quality, results, and accreditations, with exceptional scores in the National Test Saber 11.


CSM is accredited with an EFQM Model 5-star certificate based on consistently high educational standards. The accreditation process evaluates the school against the standards of excellence accepted by the European community. The school conducts an annual self-assessment of processes and operations to uphold effective management systems and maintain certification. Thus, we ensure that graduating students have high-quality qualifications in line with international criteria, allowing them to excel in the professional world.


This nationally recognised organisation is a collective group of foreign language educational providers. CSM’s membership demonstrates CSM's commitment to developing high-quality, bilingual education in Colombia through innovative, immersive projects that contribute to developing socially aware, competent citizens.


Papaz advocates for the protection of children and adolescents' rights in Colombia and Latin America. Certification is gained through targeted training provided to parents, social workers, and government employees to protect and demonstrate those rights across multiple institutions.

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