Plaza de Bachilleres

In celebration of each CSM student's educational journey, the school community prepares a lasting tribute for graduates. Ceremonies offer a memorable way to unite older members of the student body with treasured traditions while honouring the core values of the Catholic religion.

The Plaza de Bachilleres is a commemorative structure central to a unique graduation event. At the end of the academic year, senior pupils participate in a joyful experience that reminds students of their achievements and academic triumphs.

The Plaza de Bachilleres is set on a square foundation, a symbol known to represent perfection. Multiple rosettes of concentric circles are incorporated into the structure to represent the universe, while commemorative columns are placed on each rosette. Each column is carefully arranged in a clockwise configuration. They highlight a perceived central movement at their axis while projecting spokes appear to reach skywards towards the middle of the circle, creating a unique vision of architectural significance. The Plaza de Bachilleres is a symbolic reflection of man's existence on Earth.

The central monument housed at Plaza de Bachilleres reflects the school’s Catholic values. It is representative of the universe and features a circle, symbolic of the eternality of divine perfection and a square, a symbol of human perfection and the balance between opposites. Lastly, the monument holds a triangle, representing the Holy Trinity. As a poignant feature of the structure, the upward projection of the memorial symbolises man's relationship with God.

Finally, the monument is mounted on a cylindrical base to remember the "mill of life." It appears on a base with a wheel, and the overall effect references the motor of human existence.

Each erected column corresponds to a different graduating class. Once a year, a unique ceremony entitled "The Casting of the Column" is held at the monument. At the end of Year 11, graduating students write a 20-year Life Project detailing their dreams for the future. All written projects are gathered and encapsulated in a PVC tube. This Time Capsule is then placed inside the hollow column, ready for each graduate to add their contribution of cement.

Once the column is entirely constructed, a plaque is set upon it displaying the current year and the names of each member in the graduating class. As school tradition dictates, classmates meet in a ceremony twenty years later to open the Time Capsule and revisit the contents of their Life Projects. A memorable and original display of unity between the school and the exceptional alumni population.

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