Grimm’s | Preschool (ELS)


A Modern Classroom Environment

All classrooms, including those in Grimm's Kindergarten building, have been designed by architects specialising in early education settings. Each room is comfortably equipped with ergonomic chairs and modular trapezoidal tables. This open and spacious layout encourages teamwork and allows preschoolers to enjoy a dynamic and fun learning environment.


Motor-skills Gymnasium

A fully-equipped on-site gymnasium provides an area for the school's youngest students to enhance their fine and gross-motor skills. Exercise and movement classes are held under the direction of professionals specialising in utilising gym equipment for young people. They deliver early years physical education lessons regularly and help encourage sensory development.


Atelier Art Studio

Variation in the kindergarten teaching spaces helps to encourage diversification in the educational process. As a centre for creative activity, Atelier functions as an exclusive area for those attending the Early Learning programme. It is intended to encourage exploration through creativity in Early Learning School art sessions. Those attending school for the first time are celebrated and supported to develop their artistic skills through painting, arts & crafts, and experimenting with varied materials and textures.


Kindergarten Cafeteria

The fully-integrated dining space offers a welcoming communal area to encourage the enjoyment of mealtime amongst the youngest elementary pupils. Cafeteria staff maintain strict hygiene standards in the preparation of healthy meals and fresh morning and afternoon snacks. While enjoying the dining environment, early learners understand table manners, how to use eating utensils and experience the benefits of mealtime socialisation. Supervised by lunchtime staff and educators, children are served delicious and nutritious meals in the company of their friends and teachers.

Primary, Middle and High School Facilities


Classrooms in Primary and Secondary School

Comfortable learning spaces are essential for the student population to immerse themselves in an international curriculum. Primary, middle, and secondary classrooms have been meticulously planned by architects who specialise in the "Room to Learn" interior design method. These bright spaces encourage teamwork and collaboration with others and are ideal for facilitating effective learning in students aged 11-18 years. Full-equipped, well-planned educational rooms are optimal for engaging in active, dynamic learning. Additionally, each modern classroom features ergonomic chairs for comfort while seated. Modular trapezoidal tables can be moved depending on students' daily needs.


Centre for Applied Technology

In the school's commitment to the effective teaching of STEAM subjects, older students have access to a state-of-the-art on-site Centre for Applied Technology. Exciting lessons in the centre offer learners enrolled in the Primary, Middle, and High School courses of study the opportunity to learn robotics and programming with the aid of touch screens and other cutting-edge technologies. The modern CAT is equipped with all the elements necessary for globally-minded pupils to thrive in an ever-expanding world. Furthermore, these innovative on-campus facilities offer an ideal space to learn through world-class technologies, especially as older students prepare for formal assessments in preparation for education beyond graduation.


Science Laboratories

Newly re-modelled science classes ensure that biology, physics, and chemistry lessons are thoroughly enjoyable for those undertaking primary and secondary science programmes. Modern laboratories allow budding scientists undertaking primary and secondary courses of study to delve into areas of the STEAM curriculum while in an innovative and exciting setting. During practical science classes, senior pupils can experiment with modern equipment under the guidance of highly-knowledgeable science teachers.



The school auditorium has a 400-person capacity and top-of-the-range stage equipment. Young actors and performers can showcase their artistic skills from a specially designed stage when performing for their peers and parents. Community gatherings, such as the Schools for Parents Open Day event for Primary School applicants, the annual School Play for Middle School performers, and careers events for high school pupils, are also held here.


Cafeteria and Snack Shop

The physical well-being of students is of prime importance, and a fresh, seasonal menu is particularly essential in the development of healthy, growing young people. The cafeteria and snack shop provide daily opportunities for Secondary attendees to learn the value of making sensible eating choices. Reasonably-priced cuisine is prepared on-site, ensuring young visitors enjoy a selection of nutritious food choices in the company of their classmates and teachers. The meals served are well balanced, and caterers use a wide range of ingredients for a varied diet.


Green Areas and Playgrounds

At the Primary and Secondary School campus, the spacious outdoor areas highlight the beauty of Bogota. Large, green spaces are dotted with palm trees and feature exceptional sports facilities and several stimulating natural regions for socialisation and relaxation. With ample space to meet developing individuals' social and physical needs, the school campus is a haven. Essential for mental and holistic well-being, supportive teachers encourage an appreciation of the environment, regardless of age. In addition to recreational time, primary years’ students have access to allocated areas for P.E., while pupils in the middle and high school programmes enjoy full use of outdoor spaces for sports and leisure pursuits.
Secondary School is crucial for an adolescent's personal and educational growth. Designated drama studios are available for mature learners to express themselves with imagination and creativity through theatre, dance, and music. These dedicated rooms are intended for older students to express their individuality as they freely explore their emotions and performance abilities.


School Chapel

The chapel is one of the most beautiful spaces in the school building. Featuring a unique stained-glass window and a spacious seating area, it is here that the school community celebrates first communions, confirmations, and other special events throughout the academic year. We hold mass regularly, and as a Catholic school, hymns and prayer are an essential part of weekly church services.