The Houses

By being part of St. Matthew School, the student is assigned to one of the 4 houses we have: Jischana, Nemgata, Sie, Fijisca. These houses were named after a Chibcha name, one of the indigenous groups that formed the first Colombian civilizations. Each house has assigned a symbol, an element of nature and a color, which are part of the students' sports uniform, and which we can see represented throughout our school.​

With this system in mind, we host various integration dynamics throughout the school year, such as sports, artistic, academic and cultural competitions, which help create a feeling of identity and belonging, as well as the development of values such as respect, fair play and collaborative work.


Name: Jischana. ​
Color: Green.  ​
Element: Earth.  ​
Symbol: Tree of life. ​
The earth possesses life, the tree is the symbol of life, it allows development and transcendence through its fruits. The tree represents harmony, wisdom, love, truth, and beauty.

Name: Nemgata. ​
Color: Red. ​
Element: Fire.  ​
Symbol: Phoenix Bird.​
Fire, a powerful ally, or fearsome enemy, symbolizes love, passion, strength, emotion, and warmth. Represented by the half-eagle and half-pheasant phoenix bird, who burns every hundred years and is reborn from its own ashes.

Name: Sie​
Color: Blue​
Element: Water ​
Symbol: Three fish. ​
Water and fish are synonyms of life, projecting the vision of the Holy Trinity in the Christian Faith. Water characterizes truth, transparency, crystalline and clean.

Name: Fijisca. ​
Colour: Yellow. ​
Element: Air.  ​
Symbol: OM ​
Air is a conductive element, it can be calm or turbulent. It is represented through the OM symbol or creator sign. It is the point of union of the creative forces.

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