“Serve to Live"

As a long-standing academic institution with Catholic principles, a crucial focus is to train caring human beings who are conscious of others and apply strong core values throughout their lives. Teaching and pastoral staff fully support each child's unique potential to affect change and their ability to transform the world. At Colegio San Mateo, students across all year groups are encouraged to take an active role within the school and the broader community. Thus, the school has several leadership groups to exercise social and emotional literacy. One such group is Pastoral Jonas, an organisation that creates and unites social initiatives so that members can work hand-in-hand toward common goals for social change.



Community service is a high priority goal within the training provided by the school. This is how the Jonás Youth team seeks to serve those who need it most through school activities, to provide support to foundations for children with cancer, the needy elderly and vulnerable communities.​

 Their job is not only to provide financial aid, but also to provide accompaniment and emotional support, as they leave their comfort zone to be with those who need it the most. ​

Their motto: "Who does not live to serve, life will not serve you"




As part of our students' social and human development, the school seeks to educate and shape citizens, socially committed to their environment, capable of setting a clear example of being catholic within of our lifestyles through the received school guidance. We have shared our social commitment through the "Navidad Compartida" project, in which students, through programmed savings, make a contribution that seeks to favor low-income families and children to offer them, through this Christian charity initiative, a better future and better possibilities in life. ​

  • For more than 10 years, along with Catalina Muñoz Foundation, created by two former students and their families, 6 to 8 houses are built each year for less favored families from outlying neighborhoods of the city. ​
  • With the Vive por mí Foundation, founded by a beloved former student from our School whose life ceased, more than 30 children are given funds for schooling and food throughout the school year.​
  • With the Egipto con Futuro Foundation, food and education programs are also assisted with our donations. ​
  • With the Sol de los Andes Foundation, children diagnosed with cancer are accompanied and supported too. ​




Conflicts and problems are part of life, they are part of the process of learning and growing as people and as a society, but sometimes we do not know how to solve them. In the face of conflicts, different views, opinions, points of view, friction, misunderstandings, assumptions, and many other situations come to light, which is why Saint Matthew School has a 11th and 12th grades students team, these leaders facilitate the dialogue between their peers, they serve as mediators in the resolution of conflicts. They are neutral and impartial figures, in charge of helping the parties to solve their problems and building a dialogical and supportive community. ​

In addition, through community activities, they promote coexistence and are guarantors of our good treatment pact.



The students Council assures and guarantees the participation of all students in school life. It listens, analyzes, and interprets proposals in favor of their classmates. It also encourages and implements activities directed to the coexistence improvement through cultural, sports and artistic activities. ​​

It is composed of a team of representatives from all the grades, from 4th to 12th, led by a president and a vice-president from 12th grade.

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