Leading private International Primary Years Programme in Bogota

The first years of the primary educational programme are a monumental step in developing the foundation of a disciplined international learning journey. From Year 1 on CSM, Bogota, primary years curriculum, students are motivated to build new knowledge, reach new goals, and integrate these essential elements within the framework of daily school life. Learning in the Primary School year groups is done collaboratively with peers and individually. Teaching in the PYP programme spans multiple subjects, ensuring developing primary years students are proficient in numerous areas. Throughout the week, PYP children will take part in a range of lessons, including maths, English, science, geography, history, French, P.E, art, and music.

There is a strong focus on academic projects to stimulate autonomy and promote social responsibility while consolidating learning. CSM’s thorough primary years learning strategy for 11 to 13-year-olds includes sports activities, artistic pursuits, and a solid academic foundation – the three pillars of Inspired Education’s ethos. PYP teachers are highly-skilled at delivering projects that promote teamwork, foster creativity, and promote long-term understanding of lessons.

In commitment to being a multilingual school, from Year 4 onwards, primary students participate in French lessons and English lessons. Primary learners can begin understanding the fundamental aspects of additional language acquisition at this stage and thus are well-prepared for IGCSE language courses. Undoubtedly, bilingualism in the primary years helps lay the foundation for future international cultural opportunities.

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