We have a First Aid department that offers primary care in an emergency. Staff members ensure everyone has access to immediate care while at school if necessary.

Medical Care Protocols

  • In the case of minor injuries (scratches, headaches, stomach aches, etc.), appropriate care will be provided, and parents will be notified of the situation. Recommendations for further care will be supplied to families where necessary.
  • In the case of serious injuries, parents/guardians will be notified by phone immediately. They will also be informed of any in-school incidents in writing.
  • If a transfer to a medical centre is required, a parent or guardian will be contacted immediately. The school nurse will only allow the student to leave the school grounds in exceptional circumstances. They will immediately contact the appropriate Elementary / Secondary administration. If parents cannot be reached and the case is critical, the student will be transferred to a medical centre and accompanied by a school member.

Healthy Mateísta Dental Programme

We love to see the smiles on all students' faces. At CSM, a highly successful oral care programme has been running successfully for over 19 years.

Main Goal of the Programme:

  • Introduce children to dental care
  • Maintain the oral health of children at each school stage
  • Promote correct oral hygiene and nutrition habits

Programme Advantages:

  • Save time and money on regular dental check-ups and treatments
  • Empower children to learn about their bodies and self-care
  • For younger patients or those who enter Mateísta Sano for the first time, a clinical history will be taken, and a complete diagnosis will be made.

Dental Coverage

The programme offers annual coverage.

There are three check-ups per year where the following will be performed:

  • Brush control
  • The teaching of oral hygiene
  • Prophylaxis
  • Fluoride application
  • Necessary fillings
  • Guidance in the process of changing from temporary to permanent dental prosthesis.

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