Our goal is to develop the whole child, focusing not only on academics but also on the physical and emotional well-being of each student. Our restaurant offers each student healthy and balanced meals that include a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. These not only keep our children's minds fit and ready to learn, but they also help them develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Lunch and Snack

Our team offers a daily snack and lunch made on site, a variety of simple recipes that reduce the use of processed foods. Each lunch includes a hot meal accompanied by a soup of the day and an extensive salad bar. In addition, the salad bar offers fresh fruit and natural juice. On special occasions, the menu can be modified to add foods from other cultures and regions.

The benefits of our food service are:

  • Our children learn to eat in a varied and balanced way.
  • We promote good table manners.
  • Lunchtime is a nice time to share with your classmates and teachers.
  • Our lunch has all the necessary foods to ensure a healthy diet.
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