Freshly prepared each day, the school dining hall offers learners healthy and balanced meal options, including a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. A balanced diet containing fresh produce keeps children's minds sharp and ready to learn while helping them develop beneficial eating habits that will last a lifetime.


Snack and Lunch Selections

The cafeteria team provides a daily selection of snacks and lunch options for several dietary requirements. Snacks and meals are made on-site to reduce the consumption of processed foods. Each lunch includes a hot meal, accompanied by a ‘Soup of the Day’ and access to an extensive salad bar. The salad bar offers fresh fruit and vegetables and a choice of natural juice. On special occasions, the menu may be modified to include foods from other cultures and regions.

We cater for all special dietary requirements and allergies; however, please inform your child’s class teacher and the Enrolment Service if your child has an allergy or food intolerance. 

In addition to the proven benefits of a healthy and balanced diet for children's physical and academic development, the school’s catering plan also provides:

  • The promotion of health-orientated, lifelong eating habits.
  • The encouragement of good table manners.
  • Valuable social time shared with classmates and teachers.
  • The exploration of different foods and cultures.
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